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Neocape is the revolutionary hairdressing gown produced by Thesis Technology Products.


The Neocape range incorporates a soft Neoprene collar creating a comfortable seal against the skin that stops hair and liquids from going down the neck and irritating the wearer. Neocape has become the choice of gown for leading, high quality barbers and hairdressers across the USA.


From its launch Neocape has become a firm favourite for the personal grooming sector, replacing old fashioned uncomfortable and ineffective nylon, string-tied gowns.


Inheriting our company ethos, the Neocape has been designed to provide a more comfortable experience for the wearer. With limited edition prints, personalised capes for larger orders, a range of colours and sizes and a collar only option Neocape is the quality alternative to cheaper, lower quality gowns.


If your salon or barber shop demands a better-quality experience for your customers, visit our shop to order yours today.


About Thesis Technology Products

Thesis Technology Products is an ethical, well respected, manufacturing company with an international customer base. Established in 1994, we design and manufacture an increasingly diverse range of solutions. As well as the Neocape, we are product to manufacture the market leading LimbO Waterproof Protector, and the CombiPod, an innovative contrast and compression therapy device to aid rapid recovery from injury.


Based in the United Kingdom, we take pride in being a family oriented British manufacturer with a focus on delivering quality products. Our values of innovation, quality, trust and honesty transcend everything we do including how we treat our customers, suppliers, and staff.


We are committed to continued innovation and British manufacturing.

We Listen

Without the fantastic feedback from customers, barbers, and hairdressers we would not have the amazing gowns that are taking the customer experience to the next level.

Focus on Quality

ISO9000 certified with the majority of manufacturing done on site, all our products go through a stringent quality control process.

Well Established

We have been in business for more than quarter of a century as a British manufacturer and we successfully distribute our products worldwide.

Hairstop Collar

Hairstop Collar

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Unigown Child

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  • "Your capes are truly outstanding, best I have ever come across." – Pat Barry
  • "At last gowns that are real design advancement in client comfort. Brilliant design that clients love. Thank you Neocape, amazing design and quality, clients notice the difference." – Craig Hubert, World and 5 Time British Hairdressing Champion